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Department of Biochemistry


Head of the Department
Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Full Professor
Yevhen E. Perskyi

Phone: 707-55-02, 707-52-49, room 2-3.
E-mail: biochemistry[at]karazin.ua


Lecturers 707-55-02 (room 2-5),
707-52-49 (room 2-9, 2-15)




The Biochemistry department provides training Masters of Biochemistry - 8.04010205. Qualification: Master of Biochemistry. Teacher. Graduates of School of Biology work as scientific collaborators in scientific-research organizations and laboratories of biological, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary profiles as well as teachers of biological disciplines at Secondary and High Schools. At the School of Biology there is post-graduate course by speciality 03.00.04 - Biochemistry.

The department provides teaching of general courses: Bioorganic chemistry, Biochemistry, Radiobiology, Biophysics, Biological chemistry, Human biochemistry.
The Department provides training Bachelors in the field of Biology with majoring in biochemistry. The training curriculum includes theoretical subjects in the field of Life Sciences such as Biological membranes, Medical biochemistry, Bioinorganic chemistry, Structure and functions of nucleic acids, Molecular immunology, Applied informatics, Stem cells, Enzymology, and others. Special practices include training in the analysis of hormones, enzymes, as well as lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids and proteins. Students are carrying out their qualification Bachelors work during 4th year of study.
The Biochemistry department provides training Masters of biochemistry by teaching such special courses as Cell Biochemistry, Proteomics, Regulation of Gene expression, Molecular endocrinology, Methodology of scientific research, Bioinformatics, Bioenergetics and others; practice on nucleic acids analysis. Graduates are preparing and defending Masters thesis.


The field of the scientific research of Biochemistry department includes cellular and molecular mechanisms of the regulation of metabolism, biochemistry of stress and adaptation, biochemistry of extracellular matrix, bioinformatics, medicine biochemistry.
The department was one of the organizers of the IX Biochemical Congress of Ukraine (2006). The lecturers and postgraduates of the department are the members of Ukrainian Biochemical Society that is the part of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS).

At the School of Biology there is post-graduate course by speciality 03.00.04 - Biochemistry. The Specialized Academic Board providing PhD and Doctor of Science degrees in Biology by specialities Biochemistry and Physiology ( 64.051.17) is acting successfully at the School of Biology.

History and Present of the Department

Biochemistry department was created in 1933 by professor, real member of Soviet Union Academy of Sciences, Ivan M. Bulankin (President of the University in 1945-1960). Biochemists .Bulankin, E.Parina and P.Kaliman are among University biologists that have made a great contribution to Ukrainian and world science . Since its foundation the Biochemistry Department has graduated more than 1500 specialists including 500 foreigners from all around the world.
Today the staff of the department consists of 12 lecturers including 4 professors: Eugene E. Persky, Pavlo A. Kaliman, Olexander Yu. Petrenko, Marina V. Knyazeva; 7 associate professors: Natalya I. Bulankina, Iryna V. Nikitchenko, Tetyana V. Barannik, Mychaylo G. Yakovenko, Krystyna V. Sedova, Vitaly O. Koptelov, Svitlana M. Okhrimenko; and senior lecturer Galina V. Ganusova.