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The School of Biology provides training Bachelors in the field of Biology. The BA degree is awarded after the successfully completed 4-year-course. After 4-year course the students are qualified as laboratory assistant in the field of Biology. The BA course provides a basic university education. The MA degree is awarded after the successfully completed 1.5-year-course (on the base of Bachelor Degree). From 2015 The School of Biology starts training of Bachelors in the field of Biotechnology.

The School of Biology has the Full-Time Department and the Distant Learning Department.

Training of Bachelors


Training of Masters

The university curriculum includes basic and professionally-oriented subjects. Students have educational practice on biological station after 1st and 2nd years of education. Departments provide teaching the special courses and special practicum during 3rd and 4th years of education. Students are carrying out their qualification Bachelor's work during industrial practice after 3rd year and during 4th year of study.

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The courses leading to MA degrees in Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics and Physiology provide the complete university education.

The departments, that provide training Masters according to correspondent speciality, provide teaching the special courses and preparing Master's thesis.



At the School of Biology there are post-graduate courses by specialities:
03.00.04 Biochemistry (biological sciences)
03.00.05 Botany
03.00.11 Cytology, cell biology, hystology
03.00.13 Human and animal physiology
03.00.15 Genetics
03.00.20 Biotechnology

School of Biology has begun PhD programs majoring in 091-Biology. The Program covers subjects of general scientific, special, language and teacher training. During 4 years post-graduate students perform their research work that is finished by writing of doctoral thesis by his specialization at the certain department.




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