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Department of Zoology and Animal Ecology



Head of the Department
Doctor of Sciences(Biology),
Viktor A.Tokarsky

Tel: 707-51-72, room 4-15
E -mail: Viktor.A.Tokarsky[at]univer.kharkov.ua

Lecturers room 4-11,
Tel 707-51-72



The Zoology and animal ecology department provides training Masters in Biology - 8.04010205 majoring in zoology and animal ecology. Qualification: Master of Biology. Teacher. The graduates work as teachers of biological disciplines, work as engineer s and scientific collaborators in institutions of NAS of Ukraine, agriculture field, protected nature areas, organs of nature protection.


Fields of scientific research: systematics and phylogeny animals, parasitology, hydrobiology, entomology, teriology, ornithology, herpentology, ecology and sea biology of Arctic and Antarctica. Department representatives took part in several Antarctic expeditions (investigation of fauna, underwater photography), expedition to Northern seas, in organization of International Antarctic conferences.

By initiative of professor Viktor Tokarsky the Groundhog Day has been introduced and is carried out every February on Biological Station

More information at the site: http://www-biology.univer.kharkov.ua/zoology/Zool.htm