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Department of Plant and Microorganisms Physiology and Biochemistry


Head of the Department
Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Full Professor
Vasyl V. Zhmurko

Tel: 707-52-32, 707-54-82, room 3-21
E-mail : Vasily.V.Zhmurko[at]univer.kharkov.ua


Lecturers Tel 707-54-82, room 3-14, 3-16


The Plant physiology and biochemistry department provides training Masters in biology - 8.04010201 majoring in plant physiology or microbiology. Qualification: Master of biology. Teacher. Graduates of the Department work as scientific collaborators in research organizations and laboratories of biological, medical (clinical, biochemical and bacteriological), pharmaceutical, agricultural specializations as well as teachers of biological disciplines. At the department there is a post-graduate course.

The Department provides special courses for Bachelors: Biochemistry of Plant and Microorganisms; Industrial Microbiology; Intracellular Signal Systems; Plant Ecophysiology; Plant Mineral Nutrition; Microbial Synthesis; Viral and Microbial Ecology; Metabolism of Microorganisms; Photosynthesis; Plant Hormones; Physiology of Flowering; Industrial Microbiology, Biology and Taxonomy of Bacteria Groups. Special practices: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Assays, Methods of Plant Cell and Tissue Cultures in vitro, Basic Microbiology Technique; analysis of hormones, enzymes, as well as lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids and proteins; a cultivation and identification of microorganisms, modern microbiology assays, methods of sanitary, medical and clinical microbiology, methods of water and soil microbiology as well as methods of plant cell and tissue cultures in vitro.
Special courses for Masters: Biological Nitrogen Fixation; Computer in Scientific Research; Antibiotics; Biological Principles of Microbial Gene Engineering; Plant Stuff Quality Control, Plant Secondary Substances; Applied Biochemistry of Plant and Microorganisms; Physiology of Transgenic Plants and Biosafety; Physiology of Plant Resistance; System of Plant Physiological Functions, Viral and Microbes Genetics; Plant Viruses.
Two textbooks for High School recommended by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Plant Anatomy, 2004, 2007; and Plant Biochemistry, 2007), three textbooks for Secondary School recommended by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and 9 manuals for High School have been published by the lecturers of the department for the last five years. The department traditionally get prizes for methodical work


An area of researches of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry department includes physiological and genetic relatedness of plant growth and development control, plant tissues and cell cultures morphogenesis in vitro and physiological and biochemical mechanisms of plant-microbes interactions, physiological and biochemical mechanisms of stress and environmental effects on plant growth and development as well as regularities of microorganism species structure formation in forestry soils. During last year members of the department published 11 papers in scientific journals, 34 theses of reports (22 with the participation of students). The department participated in XVI Congress of Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology (FESPB, Finland, 2008). For the last five years the patent for an invention has been acquired. In 2011 International Conference Plant growth and Development Control: physiological, biochemical and genetic aspects has been held on the basis of the department (130 participants). Annually in autumn-winner period the department holds a meeting Palladins Days within the framework of the Student Scientific Society and Scientific Seminar where both collaborators and invitee scientists from different research institutes of Kharkov and Ukraine, and students give their reports.

For the last eight years members of the department have defended four PhD theses (PhD in Biology by specialties Plant Physiology, Botany and Biochemistry) and a doctoral thesis (V.V. Zhmurko, Doctor of Science degree in Biology by specialty Plant Physiology). At the department there is a post-graduate course. There are three post-graduate students and two applicants for PhD in Biology.


Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Department was founded in 1889 by the initiative of the prominent scientist Vladimir Ivanovich Palladin who set up Kharkov plant physiology school. Since 1964 the department has got a name Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. Since 1993 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Department has headed by Dr V.V. Zhmurko.