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The fields of the scientific research


The fields of research at the School of Biology are diverse and depend on scientific interests of the departments.

Department of Biochemistry
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of signal transduction,
Biochemistry of stress and adaptation,
Biochemistry of extracellular matrix,
Medicine biochemistry

Department of Genetics and cytology
human, animal and plant genetics,
cell culture methods
genetic analysis of behavior traits,
mechanisms of gene expression regulation

Department of Molecular biology and Biotechnology
molecular biology and biochemistry of aging,
biotechnology of yeasts and one-celled algae
cyto-ecology (cellular aspects of stress)
theoretical molecular biology

Department of Human and Animal physiology
physiology of aging and gerontology,
new educational technologies in the field of physiology
mechanisms of cell sensitivity to external factors


Department of Plant and Microorganisms physiology and biochemistry
plant growth and development control,
plant tissues and cell cultures morphogenesis in vitro
mechanisms of plant-microbes interactions,
environmental effects on plant growth and development
biological nitrogen fixation

Department of Botany and Plant ecology
taxonomy, ecology, geography of algae, lichens, higher plants,
bioindication, algotechnology,
methods for biological waste water purification,
biodiversity preservation,
development of regional ecological network


Department of Mycology and phytoimmunology
biodiversity, ecology and systematic of fungi,
plant pathology, plant resistance to fungal diseases,
medical and veterinary mycology,
industrial mycology and protection from biodestructors,
mushrooms cultivation, biotechnology of fungi

Department of Zoology and animal ecology
systematics and phylogeny animals
entomology, teriology, herpentology, ornithology,
ecology and sea biology of Arctic and Antarctica

Scientific journal

«The Journal of V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University. Series: biology» (ISSN 2075-5457) is a collection of scientific works containing results of studies and reviews on biology.

Editorial board : School of Biology, room 6-13
Tel . +38 057 707-55-71


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Post-graduate course

At the School of Biology there are post-graduate courses by specialities:
03.00.04 Biochemistry (biological sciences)
03.00.05 Botany
03.00.11 Cytology, cell biology, hystology
03.00.13 Human and animal physiology
03.00.15 Genetics
03.00.20 Biotechnology

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Results of scientific work by both fundamental and applied directions are published in special editions in Ukraine as well as abroad.

Student research society
Student research society takes an active part in the organization of Ukrainian and Kharkov biological tournaments, student olimpiads, conferences, scientific works competitions.

Every year the Student research society of the School of Biology organizes International scientific conference of young scientists “BIOLOGY: FROM MOLECULE TO BIOSPHERE




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