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Student life

Student Research Society


Student research society takes an active part in the organization of Ukrainian and Kharkov biological tournaments, student olimpiads, conferences, scientific works competitions.

Every year the Student research society of the School of Biology organizes International scientific conference of young scientists “BIOLOGY: FROM MOLECULE TO BIOSPHERE

>>site of Student Research Society
of School of Biology

Team for nature protection

Team for nature protection is the social organization uniting young people (mostly - the students and the graduates of Kharkov National University),who what to really act for Nature protection.

The tasks of this organization: practical activity for nature protection, maintaining of biological diversity, ecological education and propaganda.

Team contact e-mail:


The Day of School

The Day of Alumni

Every spring the Day of the School of Biology is organized by Student Academic council and Student Research Society.

Every student or post-graduate has the opportunity to take part in the concert, funny competitions, photo exhibitions and other events included in programme of this Day.

For several years Kharkov National University organizes Alumin Day. We collect the information about our alumni. You may take part in this initiative! Take part in the Alumni Day!

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